A Thank You from Covenant Care Services

Houston Lake Presbyterian Church desires to support God’s gift of life. For this reason, we have been supporters of Covenant Care Services since the earliest days of our existence. Covenant Care is a Christian adoption agency serving our state that provides a lifesaving alternative for birth mothers in times of a crisis pregnancy. It seeks to place children in Christian, two parent homes. One of the ways we support Covenant Care is our support of the annual Ladies Night Out. This year’s event will be held March 17th. Please see Katy Rahn or Laura Duvall for tickets.

Here is a thank you note I just received from Jo Betsy Kinser, who is on the board of Covenant Care. I wanted you to read it:


            Thank you for the faithfulness of your church- Houston Lake Presbyterian- in partnering with Covenant Care Services Ladies’ Night out. Your faithfulness and generosity helps us serve anxious birth mothers, precious babies/children and excited adopting parents! What a blessing you all are!