A Time for Confidence

It’s easy to be discouraged as a Christian these days. It seems more and more that Christian views on morality, marriage, and sexuality are under attack. Christians, when portrayed in popular culture, are often seen as bigots and narrow minded.

What are we to do? Cultivate a victim mentality? Give in to fear and dread of the future? Is this a time to cower, cave, or capitulate?

Dr. Stephen J. Nichols, teaching fellow for Ligonier Ministries and President of Reformation Bible College in Sanford, FL, gives an emphatic “NO!” He does so in his book, A Time for Confidence: Trusting God in a Post-Christian Society.   I believe this is a timely and helpful book.  I believe it will be an encouragement for us to read at HLPC.

For this reason, we’re going to try something new: a church-wide book study later this summer. Beginning July 2nd, during the 9:15AM School of Discipleship, we will be discussing this book. There are six chapters and we will take seven weeks to study and review them. You can pick up your own copy beginning this Sunday for only $6. I hope book studies like this one become a regular summer occurrence in the years ahead.

As an added bonus, you can listen to Dr. Nichols speak on this very subject this week on the Renewing Your Mind broadcasts. You can access them by going to www.renewingyourmind.org.   You can click on the arrows to listen to the Monday and Tuesday broadcasts. Take a listen. It will whet your appetite for reading and discussing this encouraging book together in the weeks ahead.