Dear HLPC family,

What a great day it was this past Monday for HLPC to pay off the mortgage debt we owe!  I’m looking forward to our Celebration Lunch after worship on December 4th.   This should be a special day in our church family’s life.  We thank God for sustaining and blessing HLPC over the years and in this significant way.

I hope our married couples will be able to be a part of “After-words” this coming Friday, November 4th.  After a meal out as couples, we want you to come to the church for dessert and coffee.  We’ll have a brief talk on marriage and relationships along with some fun, too.  Dessert will be ready at 7:30PM and we plan to start our program at 8PM.  We have some childcare options for you here at the church.  Please see below for ways you can let us know you’re coming.

This coming Sunday we will be privileged to have preaching for us Dr. Carl Ellis, Jr., adjunct professor at Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS) in Atlanta.  Dr. Ellis is the Provost’s professor of Theology and Culture and Senior Fellow of the African American Leadership Initiative.  I’ve come to know Dr. Ellis through our shared service on the Standing Judicial Commission and I look forward to having him with us. 

Your Pastor,