“Back in the Saddle”

Dear HLPC family,

After a week away, it’s good to be “back in the saddle” (after a week in Wyoming, I had to use that phrase). Connie and I had a great time on our vacation to Yellowstone National Park.  We had planned this trip back in January before COVID-19 came into our lives.  After the arrival of the virus, we wrestled with whether to take the trip or not, but since everything was open and we would be mostly outside or touring in a car, we took the trip. God blessed us with incredible views of His creation, of wildlife, and safety in travel.  Connie was so taken with all the buffalo we saw; I’m convinced she’d have brought one home if she could have.  Thankfully, she settled for a coffee mug.

We continue worship indoors as summer temps rise.  Let’s be honest, it’s been an adjustment for us all and in some ways, it’s been a burden as we try to engage safe practices indoors.  Will you join me in praying that HLPC not lose her joy in worship and in each other’s fellowship? Will you pray that God gives us clear guidance on how we can rightly balance safety and accessibility?

God has blessed HLPC with so many loving and gracious people.  May He grant us renewed love of Him and each other.  May He furnish us with much grace to be a vibrant, healthy and growing congregation of believers.

Grateful to be your Pastor,