Being a Bringer

This past Saturday morning the Elders and Deacons of HLPC met to do a “SWOT” analysis of our church and its ministry. This is not the first time we have done this and, Lord willing, will not be the last. SWOT stands for “Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, and Threats.” We made a list under each category.
We affirmed the blessings- strengths- God has given us as a church in our commitment to the Scriptures, our friendliness, and our unity as a body. God has blessed HLPC in many ways and we should be thankful.
That said, every church has areas that need growth and attention- weaknesses. One such area is outreach. How can we be more effective in reaching out with the gospel? How can we be used of God to reach others with the good news? A lot of churches, when they think of outreach, think of an event. It is asked, “What can we do to get people in the doors? What will draw them?”
Statistically it is proven over and over that the most effective way to reach out to people is very simple- invite them to church. A simple invitation to join you for worship is perhaps the most effective means of outreach.
This does a couple of things. It brings the unbeliever into the orbit of other believers letting us meet them and welcome them. Hopefully, they learn that the Christians they meet in that building on Houston Lake Road care about them.
Also, this brings them exposure to God’s Word and to the gospel message as it is proclaimed. Yes, they might experience something different for them when here such as singing songs out loud, responsive readings of Scripture, or even a corporate prayer prayed aloud. That’s ok. Unique experiences that are tied to specific gatherings happen to people in other settings as well. For example, if you went to a Rotary Club meeting you’d hear, see, and even say some things unfamiliar to you in the course of their meeting. I don’t think people freak out over these things as much as we think they do.
My simple point is this: While we pray for effective means to reach out with the gospel, perhaps the most effective is the most overlooked. Pray that God would enable you and me to be bringers. Who can you simply invite to worship at HLPC?
We at HLPC want to borrow from the words of John Newton and say, “Yes, we know that we are great sinners, but we also know we have a great Savior. We want you to know Him too!” Let’s pray for a heart for Houston County that our friends and neighbors might come to know this great Savior through our ministry