Central Georgia Presbytery

Dear HLPC family,

This Friday and Saturday the Central Georgia Presbytery, of which we are a member church, will meet at First Presbyterian Church of Macon.  I thought I’d review, again, what this meeting is and keep you all up to speed on how our church government is designed.

Presbyterian church government literally means “ruled by Elders.”  Our Church, or denomination, is governed by a series of “courts.” Those courts are the local church comprised of Elders, who when meeting, are called the Session, the Presbytery made up of member churches and pastors in a geographical region, and the Church at large which when it meets annually—most often in June—is known as the General Assembly.

Our Presbytery—Central Georgia Presbytery—meets three times a year.  The Presbytery helps start churches, provides oversight and accountability for pastors (also known as Teaching Elders) and examines men to become pastors so as to ordain them to the gospel ministry.  Presbyteries also discuss and vote on changes to the PCA Book of Church Order which is a part of our constitution as a church. 

This Friday and Saturday I’ll be joined by two of our Ruling Elders who will go with me to serve as delegates or commissioners to the meeting of Presbytery.  Anyone is welcome to go and observe what goes on but only designated Ruling Elders from each church may vote.

Speaking of church leadership, I wanted you to know that Ruling Elder Neil Barker is taking a sabbatical from serving on the Session for a time.  Also, Deacon Tony Bermudez is also taking a sabbatical.  That’s why you won’t see their names listed in the bulletin at the present time.  We’re grateful for their faithful service and support their desire to step aside for a while.

Your Pastor,