Christianity Explored

Dear HLPC family,

This past Sunday, during our Adult School of Discipleship, many of us watched and discussed a video produced by the ministry, Christianity Explored.  If you were unable to join us, I highly encourage you to watch the video by going HERE.  We had some fruitful discussion afterward.

Christianity Explored (CE) is a means to promote the gospel.  It was developed in Great Britain and is a thoughtful approach to sharing Christ through His word in a relational way.  Great Britain has become a very secularized culture and the United States is not far behind.  I’m very encouraged by CE as it takes into account where people are in this day and age.  It is something profoundly simple.   Another thing I really like about it is that CE says up front that it is NOT the proverbial silver bullet of outreach.  It is simply an intentional means to help us share Jesus inside as well as outside of HLPC.

I hope you’ll watch the video and check out the Christianity Explored website at   Perhaps this is a tool we can use here at HLPC?  Perhaps this will be an encouraging, relational means for us to reach out with the good news that our world so desperately needs!

Your Pastor,