“Sometimes, God’s plan to get us through hard times is to redirect our inward focus outward. Service is often a remedy for sorrow.”


I spoke these words once, or something close to them, to someone who was struggling with a lot of hurt. I encouraged them to get involved in a particular ministry of the church. Thankfully, they did.


Church life is not about keeping programs afloat, filling volunteer holes or checking tasks off a list. Yes, these things are a part of church life; but only because we believe that church and life go together. The gospel message we proclaim brings life. The fellowship we encounter here lifts our spirits.


And as each of our lives get added to the mix, the church flourishes even more!


As we look forward to 2016, I want to encourage each of you to consider these two questions.


  • In what ways am I benefitting from involvement at HLPC?
  • How can I contribute to the life-giving ministry of HLPC?*


Neal Batzig, a PCA minister, recently wrote an insightful article challenging our commitment to the church in 2016. I encourage you to read it here. Neal reminds us of our membership vows to “support the church in its worship and work to the best of their ability” (Book of Church Order 57-5).


He writes, “We often give the better part of our time, energy and money to all kinds of social activity, individuals and organizations rather than to the advancement of the Kingdom of God through the ministry of the local church.”


He said his goal is “to stir up your mind and heart to resolve to commit yourself more fully to the worship and service of the local church to which you have joined yourself.”


Neal gives us six reasons why the church should come first in 2016:


  1. Most of the books of the Bible were written to specific groups of believers.
  2. The admonitions and commands of the New Testament letters were expected to be fleshed out in local churches.
  3. The “One Another” commands of the New Testament can only be fulfilled in the context of a local church fellowship.
  4. The Church is dependent on the resources and service of its members.
  5. God has promised to bless the ministry of His means of grace in the local church.
  6. The Church is Jesus’ Bride.


*You want opportunities? We’ve got opportunities!


Talk with me (Randy) or Kathy Tufts if you’re interested in any of the following:

  • Kids of the Kingdom (Wednesdays)
  • Nursery Coordinator
  • Monthly Nursery Coordinators
  • Nursery Volunteers
  • Greeters
  • Wednesday Night Meal Prep
  • Ushers
  • Special Events Planning
  • Landscaping
  • Youth Ministry