Church Update

Dear HLPC family,

Thanks to all that stayed for our AWOL gathering this past Sunday.  I’m grateful for the work of our Deacons in presenting a financial update for the church and I’m always happy to review our desires and prayers for church health here at HLPC.  God is doing a good work among us and is blessing a wide range of ministries such as our women’s, men’s, youth, Prime Timers, and music ministries; as well as our HLPC sponsored Trail Life troop.   There’s much to be thankful for and yet much ministry to pursue.   Our goal is never activity for activity’s sake but always seeking to be a Caring, Reaching, Equipping, and Worshipping church.  Like an individual believer, a church never “arrives.”  There’s always room to grow in our heart for the Lord, His Word, His Church, and for others who need Christ.

This morning, I read the following quote about the Lord Jesus from John Newton.  I’ve often shared quotes from this book, Jewels from John Newton.  I hope this encourages you:

            “If we are guilty, [Christ] is our Righteousness; if we are sick, he is our infallible Physician; if we are weak, helpless, and defenseless, he is the compassionate and faithful Shepherd who has taken charge of us, and will not suffer anything to disappoint our hopes, or to separate us from His love.  He knows our frame, he remembers that we are but dust, and has engaged to guide us by his counsel, support us by his power, and at length to receive us to his glory, that we may be with him forever.”

Your Pastor,