Congregational News, December 9, 2020

Dear HLPC family,

As pastor I was privileged to experience two times the choral and bell choir presentation of “Christ, Our Hope” this past Sunday night.  It was a great evening.  I want to thank Elizabeth Weiss and all those who worked hard and served us so well.  It was a much-needed reminder of the reasons we have for joy even in difficult seasons of life.

I have a couple of important news items to share with you today so please keep reading! 

1)  Jed Jessup was nominated to serve as a Deacon here at HLPC.  Per the PCA Book of Church Order (part of our constitution), he has received training for this office and has been examined by the Elders. We will hold a congregational meeting after worship on January 10, 2021 for the purpose of holding an election as we present him to you as a candidate.

2) Starting January 2021, Clif & Julie Wilcox will be joining our church family and Clif will come alongside as part time pastoral staff here at HLPC.  Clif is presently serving with Bent-tree, a ministry of the PCA that desires to encourage and train pastors.  While serving as Associate Director of Bent-tree, Clif very much wants to keep one foot in the ministry of the local church and we look forward to having him as part of our staff in this part-time capacity. He will help in the areas of assimilation and pastoral care as well as occasional preaching.  Clif and Julie are not strangers to HLPC and we look forward to having them as part of the HLPC family!

Your Pastor,