Thanks to all who were able to stay for our After Worship Opportunity for Lunch (AWOL) this past Sunday and heard the Re-Blued presentation. It’s always a good thing to review your purposes. As the saying goes, aim at nothing and you’ll hit it every time.

I encouraged all who were there to be praying for HLPC in specific ways by using the acronym “CREW.”   Being in a military community has taught me to love acronyms. Many of you live and breathe them all day. CREW is HLPC’s acronym for grasping the meaning and goals of a healthy church. I want us all to pray that God would mold and shape us to be the kind of church that is reflected in Acts 2:42-47. What kind of church is that?


  1. A CARING Church – pray that God makes us a church that truly cares for each other and bears each other’s burdens. Pray that He uses our various small groups to foster community and that we experience genuine fellowship. Pray that we show care and concern for those in need.
  2. A REACHING Church– pray that God uses us to proclaim the gospel boldly and effectively in Houston County and all over the world through missions. Pray that God gives us the privilege of seeing people in our families, neighborhoods, and workplaces come to true faith in Jesus Christ. Pray that the gospel is always clearly and powerfully proclaimed in the pulpit of HLPC each Lord’s Day.
  3. An EQUIPPING Church– pray that God uses us to make disciples. Pray that through all of our efforts people are being equipped for life and ministry and that they are enabled to use the means of grace to grow in their faith.
  4. A WORSHIPPING Church– pray that our worship is God-exalting, Christ-centered, and Spirit empowered. Pray that God uses the preaching of His Word along with the faithful administration of the sacraments to accomplish His purposes. Pray that our worship is marked by reverential joy in what God has done for us in Christ.


As you pray for HLPC think “CREW” as a way to remember how you should pray. May God, by His grace, help us hit these four targets.   May God make us truly useful for His own glory here in Houston County and beyond.