Deacons and Thank You’s

2 things to communicate today…


1) We have three men who have been nominated, trained, and are approved to stand for election to the office of Deacon. These men are: Bruce Coburn, Kevin Epperson, and Dave Maddox. We will hold a congregational meeting after worship on Sunday, June 28th for the purpose of holding elections. I remain grateful for the leadership of HLPC and the joy it is to serve alongside of them. Speaking of gratitude…


2) This Friday night I’m participating in the graduation ceremonies at Reformed Theological Seminary in Orlando, FL where I will formally receive my Doctor of Ministry (DMin) degree. I technically graduated in December 2014 and will don a cap and gown for the very last time of my life. I started this process back in 2007 and was greatly helped and encouraged along the way by my church family here at HLPC. I wanted to share what I wrote for the acknowledgements page in my dissertation:


Without the help and encouragement of Houston Lake Presbyterian Church, where I am blessed to serve as pastor, this project would never have been completed. I will remain indebted to the Session who gave me resources, encouragement, and time to work on this degree. I’m also grateful for the love and support of the congregation who prayed for me and encouraged me to finish what I had started.

            I thank God for the life and ministry of Dr. Knox Chamblin, much beloved professor of New Testament at Reformed Theological Seminary (RTS), whose love for C.S. Lewis stirred my own. I want to thank my advisor, Rev. Larry Kirk, pastor of Christ Community Church of Daytona Beach, Florida, who was a great encourager and friend though this process. I’m grateful for Dr. Bill Davis of Covenant College who was a great help at a critical juncture. I’m also thankful for Joyce Sisler, the Doctor of Ministry administrative assistant at RTS, who prodded me to finish when I was nearly at the point of quitting.

            I’m very thankful for my parents, Levoy and Wanda Bankson, who have always loved, prayed for, and supported me at every level of my education. Most of all, I thank my wife, Connie, who has been very patient, kind, and loving to me and to our sons. She is my greatest earthly blessing. Above all, I thank God for graciously redeeming me through the work of His Son, Jesus Christ, and for making me His own when all I could offer was sin and resistance. Apart from His grace, nothing is possible.