Does Grace Grow Best in Winter?

Dear HLPC family,

This past Sunday I mentioned seven ways we can prepare our hearts for suffering. These seven ways come out of Ligon Duncan’s book Does Grace Grow Best in Winter?  Since I ran through them rather quickly, I thought I’d share them here:

  1. Let your heart be assured that there is no circumstance so overwhelming that God will not use it to do a work of grace in you.
  2. Pray, meditate, read, and trust until you know that whatever hand is in your suffering, God is your help, and do not forget to rely on God for the battle you are in.
  3. Pray, meditate, read, and believe until you are convinced of God’s infinite greatness.
  4. Determine to remember the mystery of God’s providence.
  5. Take account of your own sinfulness.
  6. Settle it in your heart that there is both a need and a purpose in your suffering.
  7. Believe in God’s kind providence toward you.

This past Sunday was also the day that our congregation elected three new elders:  Chuck Ezell, Erik Fuqua, and Gregg Jerome.  We are thankful for God’s provision for these newest leaders for our church.  We plan to have a special service to ordain and install them to their office at our Sunday morning worship service on July 23rd.

Your Pastor,