Don’t Practice Deferred Maintenance

At the Centerville Rotary Club meeting this week I was talking with a stock broker about the recent “correction” in the market. You may be aware that a big dip occurred recently. My friend, the broker, commented that 5% market corrections are normal and usually happen at least twice a year. Last year, the market experienced no corrections and kept on an unprecedented upward trajectory. So what happened early this week?
In answer to that question, she drew the analogy to doing regular preventive maintenance on your car. If you put it off and put it off you eventually pay the price in serious car repair cost. She said something similar happened in the stock market this week. The lack of market corrections caught up with the stock market. The big dip was the market paying the price for the lack of what she termed “preventive maintenance.”
I tell you this to encourage you to do some preventive maintenance on your marriage by coming to the 2018 HLPC Marriage Conference. No marriage, no matter how long it has lasted, does not need regular attention. The marriages that are taken for granted are the ones that run the risk of growing lifeless.
We are excited to host Ty Blackburn as he leads us this weekend in “The Glory of Marriage.” I believe you’ll enjoy Ty a great deal and you will be encouraged in your marriage. We have childcare but signups are needed. The cost is only $25 per couple, is payable at the door and covers all meal costs such as Chick Fil A lunch on Saturday. Our schedule is Friday night, 7-8:30PM, Saturday 8:45-2. Please set aside some time for your marriage this weekend. I think you’ll be glad you did and you will enjoy the extra fellowship as well!