Easter at HLPC

We are looking forward, as we always do, to a week of focus on the life, death, burial, and resurrection of the Lord Jesus Christ! I hope you’ll plan to be here Thursday night for our Maundy Thursday service at 7PM with childcare for those 10 and under. This special service focuses our attention on the suffering and death of the Lord Jesus and is purposefully somber in tone as we borrow elements from a Tenebrae service. We will have a number of our members providing music to help us in our meditation on Jesus’ work.
Easter Sunday morning will have the opposite mood as we celebrate Jesus’ resurrection. We start with our annual Easter Breakfast at 9:15, egg hunt for kids 10 and under at 9:45 (bring your plastic eggs with hard candy!), and then worship at 10:30. Please invite family, friends, neighbors and co-workers to join us!
Thom Rainer has provided these 9 suggestions for church members on Easter Sunday. I’ve adapted them a bit and wanted to share them with you as we anticipate having “extra” guests this Lord’s Day:

1. Pray as you enter the property. Pray for the guests. Pray for the services. Pray for the pastor and the sermon.
2. Park at the most distant spot available. Save the closer parking places for guests.
3. Greet people. They may be guests. They may be members. It’s okay to introduce yourself to either.
4. Look for people to help. You know the place well. Many others will not. Be a guide. Help someone who looks like he or she needs help.
5. Sit as close as possible to the front of the worship center. Save the back rows for guests and late entrants, so they don’t have to walk past so many people.
6. Sit in the middle. Don’t claim that aisle seat where people have to walk over you or past you.
7. Sit closely. Your worship center may be packed. If so, be willing to sit close to one another.
8. Volunteer to serve. We will need extra hands in cleanup after breakfast and putting away tables and chairs we may use in the foyer.
9. Pray as you leave. The Holy Spirit is likely working in many persons who attended. Pray for His continual work of conviction and comfort.