Elder & Deacon Update

Dear HLPC family,

Last night the Elders and Deacons met for their monthly gathering.  You should know that the Lord has been very good to us as a church in blessing us with godly men in places of those Biblically defined roles.  As I shared last Sunday, 2024 marks the twentieth year since Connie, the boys, and I left Macon and our place at First Presbyterian Church to come to Warner Robins to join in the efforts to plant a new PCA church in Houston County.  One of the great blessings of God throughout the years here has been great and godly leadership.

We should never take that for granted and the blessing of leadership is not only in the offices of Elder and Deacon but in women’s ministry as well.  As a church, we’ve not been spared challenges, but God has been kind to keep major divisions out of our fellowship.  Such divisions often start between leaders and filter down to the church at large.  I’m so thankful that a spirit of unity, even when discussing hard things and when leaders are in different places, pervades our meetings.

Please continue to pray for our leadership and our church that God gives us grace to maintain our love for Him and for each other.  God has put us in a season of blessing and growth right now.  We need to pray for God’s wisdom for the future.  How can we be the most effective in reaching out with the gospel and equipping God’s people for life and ministry?  What will this look like for staffing the church? What will this look like for our facility?  These are important questions and we want to be intentional in considering them in the days ahead.

We want you to stay up to speed on where we are as a church. I hope you’ll make a special effort to stay for our After Worship Opportunity for Lunch, or AWOL (our name for a church potluck lunch), on January 21st when we will give a vision and financial presentation.  We’ll work to stay focused so it’s not a long talk but still an informative one.

Your Pastor,