Elders & Communicants Class

That may seem an odd title for the Pastor’s Pen this week but it captures 2 important news items.  The first is about our elder candidates and election and the second is about our upcoming Communicants Class.

First, about Elder elections.  Nothing in the church moves quickly and we don’t rush our training and election process for the office of Elder.  That’s a good thing.  As you might recall, we solicited nominations in the fall for the office of elder.  Once received, those nominated receive a period of training in the duties of the office as required by the PCA Book of Church Order (think by-laws).  We don’t publicize the names of those nominated to give those men the freedom to decline and withdraw if they wish at any point in the process.  We have three men who desire to go forward and so they were examined by the Elders in the areas of Christian experience, Bible content, theology, church governance, and their understanding of the office of Elder.  These men have been approved to stand for election.  To be clear, the Session does not elect them only examines them prior to the election.  It is the congregation who elects Elders. We will have a congregational meeting after worship on March 1st for that purpose.  The three candidates are: Neil Barker, Kevin Epperson, and Ed Rosner. Second, we are overdue for a Communicants Class.  This is a class to help children of members who desire to make a profession of faith and so be admitted to the Lord’s Table be prepared to do so.  We believe our children are church members but prior to making a profession of their faith they are considered non-communing members.  We rejoice when they are old enough to understand and profess their faith in Jesus and want to receive Communion. We are greatly dependent on parents to help determine is who is ready for this training.  This class will take place in the Pastor’s office during School of Discipleship starting February 16 and last 4 weeks.  Parents are welcome to attend and we look to you to determine if your son or daughter is ready for this next step!  Please call or e-mail the church office to let us know if you have a child who will come.  Also, feel free to call or e-mail me if you have any questions