Ephesians & Empanadas

Dear HLPC family,

Once again, greetings from Santiago, Chile.  My time here is almost halfway over and I remain thankful for the great opportunity to teach here with Seminario Reformado Latinoamericano (SRL).  The Lord is doing an encouraging work through SRL throughout Latin America.  This is a fairly recent teaching site but it is flourishing.  The students here are very receptive and encouraging.

These trips always serve to remind me of the mystical bond we have with believers in the Lord Jesus Christ.  Though meeting folk here for the very first time, we share an instant connection through our shared faith in Christ.  Tonight, I’ll be attending Wednesday evening services at the host church for SRL, Sovereign Grace Baptist Church.  I look forward to worshipping and praying with the brothers and sisters, or “hermanos y  hermanas” as we Spanish speakers say.

Actually, my Spanish still needs a great deal of work.  Yesterday I accidently ordered the family meal at a next-door restaurant and ended up with 6 empanadas and very large Coke Zero.  Let’s just say I didn’t go to bed hungry.

More updates to come!

Your Pastor,