Grateful for Many Things

Dear HLPC family,

Thank you to all who came out last Wednesday night to support our youth ministry at the spaghetti supper fundraiser that included a dessert auction.  A special word of thanks to all those who shared the desserts they won!  Through your generosity $1400 was raised to go toward youth ministry activities this summer. Thanks again to those who prepared, served, cleaned, and baked.  It was a great night of fellowship and fun!

As you read this I, Lord willing, will be in Birmingham, AL to attend a conference at Briarwood PCA today and tomorrow sponsored by the Gospel Reformation Network.  I will be able to visit my parents who live just south of Birmingham and who I rarely get to see.  From there I’ll travel and meet Connie and the rest of my family in Auburn.  Our youngest son, Matthew, graduates from Auburn University this Saturday with a degree in Software Engineering. We’re very proud of him and thankful for this milestone in his life and look forward to his upcoming marriage to Mary Ross Murphy on June 18.  Matthew met Mary Ross when they both served as youth interns one summer here at HLPC!  This church continues to bless me and my family in many ways!

This Lord’s Day I look forward to the opportunity to preach on Psalm 130 as we continue to consider the hope we have as God’s people.  It’s also a day we remember the ministry of our mothers among us. I’m thankful for my mother and glad I’ll get to see her this week!

Your Pastor,