Greetings from Colombia!

Thank you for your prayers for my safe travel to Colombia! I arrived Monday in Barranquilla and then took an hour and half bus ride to Santa Marta which will be my home base until next Monday, November 14th. It already has been an adventure and I’m thankful for this opportunity.

Santa Marta is a lovely city of about 800,000. It is one of Colombia’s oldest cities and is famous for being the place where Simon Bolivar died. He is remembered as the great liberator for much of South America and for whom Bolivia is named. I am staying in a nice hotel in the historic district. I’ve really enjoyed my Colombian coffee at breakfast served by my new amigo, Louis.

Last night I spoke to a group of about 30 in a city not too far from here called Cienaga. I spoke on “What is a pastor?” and “What does a pastor do?” with special emphasis on expository preaching. I’m told expository preaching is a new concept here. My translator was a bright young man named David, who is the same age as my son, Andrew.

I speak again tonight in Cienaga and then start a new conference here in Santa Marta that will last Thursday night , Friday night, and Saturday morning. I’m perhaps most looking forward to preaching Sunday morning at the Calvary Reformed Church here. Their pastor, Edison Florez, has been my gracious host.

Please pray for my continued good health and for my effectiveness as a teacher and preacher. Pray that I meet the needs of the pastors here in this area. Thank you for your love, support, and your prayers. Thank you as well that I know if Connie as any problems, help is only a call away!