Greetings from Medellin!

I’ve just finished my first day of teaching here in Medellin, Colombia. Thank you so much for your prayers! God has answered many of those prayers. My trip on Monday-which started when I woke up at 2:30AM- was thankfully uneventful. I arrived to be met by two of my students for the week, Angel and Esteban. They gave me a warm welcome and got me settled into my hotel which is very comfortable. I’m amazed how the internet keeps us connected!
Medellin is a beautiful city that sits in a valley surrounded by mountains. This is their winter and so rain is a daily afternoon occurrence. I’m putting my rain jacket to good use already. I will say the traffic here makes Atlanta traffic look pretty tame and the drivers are, shall we say, a bit aggressive.
Today, as I said, was the first day of teaching. I have 15 students. They are from Colombia, Bolivia, and from Venezuela. I was moved to hear of how the two students from Venezuela faced great difficulty to get into Colombia. Their families that are still there are in great hardship. Both of these young men will return after their studies are complete at Seminario Reformado Latinoamericano (SRL) to pastor in Venezuela. It was very sobering to hear their stories.
I am very encouraged by this opportunity. Thank you for giving me time away for the great joy of teaching these young pastors. As Dr. Noe Acosta likes to say, SRL is bringing the Reformation to Latin America. It is a privilege to be here.
Please pray for my remaining time that God would keep me physically well and would make of me an effective teacher. Please pray for the students as well that they will grow in their love for Jesus and will be better equipped by the week together. Lord willing, I will return to the Atlanta airport in the wee hours of Sunday morning.