Grow Up!

This past Sunday we began a new sermon series on growing to maturity as Christians- a series entitled “Grow Up!” During this series we will look at five ways God has given us to grow in our love for Him, to grow our understanding of who He is and what He has done, and to grow in our enjoyment of Him. Further, these ways or keys equip us for living our lives to His glory and enable us to be more rooted in the gospel.

Often these keys or tools have been referred to as the “means of grace”. This is not to say that these tools are ways to earn God’s favor. They are not pursuits in and of themselves that somehow magically impart salvation. They are means- just that, means- to know God better and grow closer to Him. Think “means of growth” when you hear “means of grace.” We use grace here, not as saving grace, but as God’s nurturing grace. We always want to stay away from any mechanical view of these means as if they become ends in themselves. That’s not the intended use of that phrase.

What are these tools, these means of growth? There are five that we will consider: the Scriptures, prayer, worship, fellowship, and the sacraments of baptism and the Lord’s Supper. Our method will be to examine a passage of Scripture each week that opens up to us one of these tools. This Sunday, Lord willing, we will look at Nehemiah 8:1-12.

My prayer is that we will be encouraged by what we have as gifts from God to know Him and enjoy Him better. My prayer is that you and I will be more excited about these things and better equipped to utilize these tools God has put in the Christian’s toolbox. These tools are gracious gifts to build us up in our faith.

It’s time to “grow up!” The reality is no one has, or ever will, arrive. We don’t reach some level, this side of eternity, where we can coast spiritually. We all have need for more maturity and growth. May God, by His grace, give us that growth together.