HLPC Christmas Concert

Dear HLPC family,

For a number of years HLPC musicians have come together at Christmas to provide for us a night of celebration through music. These evenings have always been a tremendous blessing to the whole church.  This past Sunday night was no exception.  In fact, this might have been the best one yet. 

We were treated to fine instrumentalists, a great sounding bell choir, and wonderful vocalists to point us to the gift of our Savior, Jesus Christ.  It was also a joyful addition to have the extra musical instruments on loan from Houston County high school along our own Matthew Collins and friends who played for us.  It was just a great night at HLPC.  Thank you again to all who worked to not only bring us music but who also worked hard to arrange our reception that followed.  Another Christmas tradition here at HLPC. 

It occurred to me how much of a testimony to God’s grace the whole evening was.  Our music director had a new baby, one of our key accompanists had knee surgery, another vocalist fought cancer, and other members of the choir faced great family medical challenges.  Yet, God was gracious and blessed.  Much thanks to our own Elizabeth Weiss and her team who brought it together.

We are entering the home stretch of the Advent season. This Lord’s Day will be the fourth Sunday at which time we’ll consider Psalm 118 as part of our series, “Psalms for the Season.”  Then we anticipate our Christmas Eve Candlelight service at 5:30PM.  

As I close this Pastor’s Pen, let’s remember that for many the holidays are difficult. They remind us of loved ones who are with the Lord or of relationships that are strained or broken. This season can intensify loneliness and depression.  Let’s pray for the hurting even as we celebrate the Savior.

Your Pastor,