Hope You’ll Be Here!

Hope You’ll Be Here!

            This Sunday we are having our monthly AWOL lunch (After Worship Opportunity for Lunch).  We have switched them to the second Sunday of the month as it seems many holiday weekends fall on the third Sunday.  As we’ve announced, we’re going with a true potluck (or, as I prefer it, “pot-providence”).  Please bring a casserole or other dish to share.  We’ll enjoy a great time of fellowship together after worship.

            In addition to our AWOL, we will have a brief- and I do mean brief- presentation from me and from the Deacons.  The Deacons will be presenting the 2019 budget that they prepared and the Elders approved.  After that, I will give what has become our annual “Reblued” presentation.

            We take the idea of getting “reblued” from the Air Force- and with our connection to RAFB, why shouldn’t we?  Getting reblued is getting re-affirmed in the Air Force way of doing things. It’s a way to re- affirm foundational and important commitments.

            We borrow from that concept as a way to say we want to re-affirm who we are as a church and what we need to be about.  Hopefully, this will be a reminder and a challenge.  We can see where growth needs to happen in our church.

            I would like to make a strong, personal plea for you to plan to be here and to stay for AWOL.  Not only will this be a time for us to strengthen relationships, but it’s also a time for us to have a shared sense of purpose.  HLPC, among other things, needs to be a family.  Please plan to stay for this family gathering!