Hurricane Harvey Help


We are all sadly aware of the flooding and devastation wrought by Hurricane Harvey in Texas, particularly in the city of Houston. It’s truly catastrophic and emergency services there have been pushed to the breaking point. We all need to be praying for those who are suffering and considering how we might be of assistance to those in need.

Our denomination, the PCA, is making efforts even now to assist those who are hurting. The link provided below gives an update on the efforts being made and gives practical ways we can be of help . This Sunday, HLPC will be collecting a special offering to be sent to these relief efforts. Please come prepared to give.

We’ll be praying tonight here at the church at 7PM and of course on Sunday morning at 8:45 in my office. We will pray for this tragic situation as well as for our nation, our church, and our own burdens. You are welcome to join us!