I REALLY Want You There!

I’m praying today that this week everyone who reads this week’s Pastor’s Pen will plan to stay for our monthly AWOL gathering which stands for “After Worship Opportunity for Lunch.” We have these lunch opportunities to foster relationships and fellowship. We believe it helps us be a caring church. We encourage you to bring sandwiches and sides and the church will provide drinks and dessert.

Why am I anxious for you to stay? This week we are going to have one of our “Re-Blued” sessions after we’ve had time to eat. What does it mean to get re-blued? As our Air Force folks will tell us, this phrase describes a practice where time is taken to get re-focused on the Air Force way of doing things. To get re-blued, in the Air Force context, is to re-affirm who you are and what your mission is.

I want HLPC to do the same. It’s always good to get refocused. I want to spend about 20 minutes reviewing our mission and present some goals for 2016. Kids will be welcome to play on the playground just outside the fellowship hall while we talk.   Please, please plan on staying this week. Make some PB&J’s and stay for lunch. I’m praying you will because I think it will help us in our ministry here at HLPC.