It Was a Great Night!

If you were unable to make it this past Sunday night to hear the HLPC choir presentation, “The Newborn King,” you missed a truly wonderful event. Those of us in attendance were blessed to hear the gifted voices and musicians provide a great “soundtrack for the season” as we celebrated Christmas in music. I want to thank all who worked very hard to offer that evening to us. I want especially to thank Elizabeth Weiss who directed the choir and planned the evening’s music. It was a great night and I remain thankful for it.

If that wasn’t enough, then we all enjoyed some great food and fellowship afterwards. Thank you to all who came and brought delicious food and, of course, we thank the Rahns for their special coffee punch that has become an honored HLPC Christmas tradition.

We all look forward to the remaining weeks of Advent and to our Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion service which will be at 5PM. We hope you’ll make this a part of your family Christmas celebration. Please be praying for clarity in gospel proclamation in the weeks ahead as we share the good news of Christ’s birth and what it truly means for our redemption.