It’s Good to be Home!

After a full week in Colombia, South America, it’s so good to be home with family and familiar surroundings. I enjoyed a great week with new brothers and sisters in Christ in Santa Marta, Colombia .   I consider it a very great privilege to have been given this wonderful opportunity. Santa Marta, located on the Caribbean coast, is one of Colombia’s oldest cities. In addition to its beauty with mountains along the coast they possess great history. They take great pride in the fact that Simon Bolivar, who led the fight for independence from Spain for much of South America, died in that city in 1830.

God answered many prayers on my behalf. I enjoyed safe, uneventful travel and stayed well for the duration of my trip. I was able to teach a conference of sorts in 2 different churches and then preach on Sunday morning in another church. I was moved to tears when given the chance to worship there and enjoy the Lord’s Supper with a people and culture outside my own.

Thank you again for praying for me and for my time in Colombia. I look forward to sharing pictures and more details about my trip soon here at HLPC. I continue to pray for the work of the gospel in Colombia and am excited to share with you what God is doing in that country.