Jesus, a Suitable Savior

Dear HLPC family,

I have really enjoyed my daily readings in Jewels from John Newton: Daily Readings from the Works of John Newton.  Connie gave it to me for Christmas.  Newton, as you know, is the author of the hymn “Amazing Grace” as well as many other great hymns of the faith.  Much of this book is taken from letters he wrote to church members and friends in faraway places.  This morning I read these words of encouragement that I wanted to share:

“Oh, [Jesus] is a suitable Savior!  He has power, authority, and compassion to save to the uttermost.  He has given His word of promise, to engage our confidence, and he is able and faithful to make good the expectations and desires He has raised in us.  Put your trust in Him; believe (as we say) through thick and thin, in defiance of all objections within and without.  For this, Abraham is recommended as a pattern to us.  He overlooked all difficulties; he ventured and hoped even against hope, in a case which, to appearance, was desperate; because he knew that he who had promised was also able to perform.”

Our God is faithful.  Jesus is a ruling and reigning King.  Be encouraged that you are in His kingdom!

Join us tonight at 7PM at HLPC or via Zoom for a look at the Kingdom!  I hope you’ll make time for this 30 minute study together.

Your Pastor,