Jump Into July!

July is here and it’s time to jump in! I want to encourage you to make the most of what HLPC has to offer during our School of Discipleship time each Sunday morning this month. First, let me thank the teachers who give time and preparation to teach students each week, particularly our children and youth. School of Discipleship teachers are fulfilling their vow taken when we administer the sign of covenant baptism to our children that they will “assist these parents in the Christian nurture of their children”. Our School of Discipleship is there to reinforce and build upon the discipleship of children and youth that is hopefully occurring in the home. As a parent myself, I am very grateful that my sons have had multiple models of living in the light of gospel provided by many of you as their teachers and role models. Thank you teachers and youth ministry helpers!

During July we will give our teachers a much deserved break and will offer two combined classes. We will gather the children in the sanctuary and the adults will meet in the fellowship hall. What will the kids be doing? They will get a special treat! Ron and Ame McPherson will be leading the children. They have had many years of ministry to children and youth and Ron is a gifted ventriloquist among other talents! Our kids will enjoy him a great deal, I’m sure.

The adults will meet in the fellowship hall where I’ll be leading a study on “Gospel Ministry: A Team Effort”. This study will encourage us to see that our ministry to those outside the church is meant to be a group effort- it’s the task we share as the church. The thought of sharing Christ with others can honestly be intimidating. How can we do this? How can we better reach our family, co-workers, neighbors, and friends? How is this better accomplished as a team?

Please join us in the coming weeks here at HLPC! Please don’t miss these opportunities for growth and fellowship. We need you and want you here! Come to be encouraged and to encourage one another!