June Update

Dear HLPC family,

Vacation Bible School 2023 is well underway, and God has answered prayers.  We have a wonderful team of volunteers who are joyfully serving children, and the curriculum we are using does a great job of pointing kids to the truth of the gospel.  Please continue to pray for the remainder of the week as we minister to these children and seek to point them to the Lord Jesus Christ.

Next week, Keith Duvall, Kevin Epperson, and I will attend the PCA General Assembly in Memphis, Tennessee as we go to serve as commissioners at this annual denominational gathering. It is here that the various ministries of the PCA are given attention and decisions are made regarding how the PCA will function and be governed.  Please be praying for this gathering that will also celebrate the 50th anniversary of the PCA.  Pray for wisdom, Biblical fidelity, unity, peace, and safety for the entire gathering.  Ultimately, we pray that God is glorified by all that takes place.

Starting this Sunday, we will take a three-week break from Exodus for a three-part sermon series on marriage taken from Genesis 2 and Ephesians 5.  My hope is that God would use this time in His Word to strengthen existing marriages and to prepare others for marriages to come.  There is much here for the everyone as we get to look into the relationship that is intended to model Jesus’ love for His bride, the Church.

One more thing- we have new water fountains that WORK!

Your Pastor,