Just In Time for Easter Week

Ligonier Ministries, the teaching ministry of R.C. Sproul recently released a well worded statement on the person and work of Jesus Christ. The statement is entitled, “The Word Made Flesh: The Ligonier Statement on Christology.” You can read the statement by going to www.christologystatement.com Ligonier presented this statement for the first time at their recent national conference held in Orlando, FL.

I’ve always been a fan of Ligonier Ministries. I’ve read their devotional magazine Tabletalk, have benefited consistently from their conferences, and have enjoyed the Reformation Study Bible and other books that they’ve published.. I’ve been particularly thankful for their online radio station called Reformation Network that you can access HERE.

With all that said, when I first learned of this statement, I wondered why they felt this was necessary. Don’t we have other historic creeds and confessions that declare who Jesus is with great clarity?

After reading this statement along with the affirmations and denials that come with it, I’m glad and grateful Ligonier ministries put forth this statement. Yes there are other historic statements and Ligonier acknowledges their indebtedness to them. The reason they wanted to make their own contribution, utilizing a number of solid teachers and scholars, is Dr. Sproul has stated that he thinks that Christology, the doctrine of Jesus Christ, is the greatest issue facing our generation. It’s hard to argue with him on that.

I hope you’ll read the statement along with the affirmations and denials. Why not read it with your family sometime? If it raises some questions, let’s talk about them. Having a right understanding of who Jesus is and what He has done is essential. We MUST get that right. This statement is helpful in getting us there. Easter week is a great week to spend time studying the person and work of Jesus Christ.