Miracle on Holt Street

A couple of months ago the HLPC youth spent a week at Strong Tower Fellowship in Macon. HLPC has supported the Strong Tower work and Pastor Tom Anderson for several years now as they seek to minister the grace and love of God to the impoverished and underprivileged community of Pleasant Hill.

The HLPC youth worked hard on an abandoned section of the Pleasant Hill neighborhood. What used to be an overgrown lot full of fallen trees – and used as a dumping ground – is now a nice back yard for about eight houses. We also spent time walking around and praying for the property, the houses, and the families that would one day live there.

We worked with Steven DeGeorge. He’s a social worker on staff at Strong Tower. Steven called me the other day with an update. And boy! Did God answer our prayers!

The property is on Holt Street – a cut-through road between Vineville and Walnut used by downtown professionals all the time. A gentleman was driving down Holt Street one day and noticed the changes. He asked Steven, “Who bought that property and cleaned it up?” Steven told the man that Strong Tower just wanted to make the neighborhood look nice. He also told the man about our work there. That man had a meeting with the mayor of Macon the next week.

As a result of that meeting, Macon is now in the process of giving that property to Strong Tower! God is going to use those houses to minister to families and work out His redemption in Pleasant Hill!

I could never be more proud of how God used our youth to impact Pleasant Hill in such a positive way! Let’s keep praying for Strong Tower Fellowship, Pastor Tom & the people of Pleasant Hill.