Miscellaneous Thoughts

Several things I want to share and highlight this week:

• God is answering prayer for our VBS- we have gotten off to a great start with our largest VBS ever. We thank the Lord for answering our prayers for this week and are grateful for the children who are here, the volunteers, and the hard work. Please keep praying that Jesus will be the center of what we do this week.
• Next week is the PCA General Assembly in Atlanta- the General Assembly is the annual denominational gathering and will meet June 13-15. Kenny Rahn and I will be attending and representing HLPC. Please pray for this week that it would serve the Church at large well by bringing glory to God and helping us fulfill His purposes for His Church.
• I am very thankful for the upcoming Sabbatical HLPC is granting me this July- several of you have graciously commented that you are happy for my upcoming month for reflection, study, and rest. In a near future pastor’s pen, I will be sharing with you what I hope and pray to accomplish that month.
• This Sunday I will start a 3-week series on “The Call to Commitment”- in light of what we just considered about renewed commitment in Nehemiah 10, I would like to take a brief detour into this important subject. I plan to return to finish our Nehemiah series in August.