Henry Cope (1907)

More Than Ice Cream & Peanuts

Henry Cope was a Church Educational Ministries guru over a century ago. He studied under Charles Spurgeon at the Pastor’s College in London and John Broadus at Southern Seminary in Louisville. He was a solid guy.

Read the quote again… Do you hear what Cope is saying? When it comes to the educational ministry of the church, we have to offer more than ice cream and peanuts. That’s a weird way of saying we need to teach the Bible. We need to show our children how the Bible points to Jesus. We need to teach our adults how to apply the Scriptures to all of life.

Coffee and conversation are our equivalents to ice cream and peanuts. School of Discipleship is more than an opportunity to enjoy Kenny’s Koffee Shop and catch up with a few folks. (Though it definitely involves these things!) It is primarily about being grounded in the faith, rooted in the Word and growing in godliness.

Having said that, I’m happy to announce that we have two new Adult School of Discipleship classes.

  • The Practice of Godliness / Fellowship Hall > This class will work through the Jerry Bridges book of the same title. Bob McCullough will be teaching.
  • The Other Side of Christmas / Sanctuary > This class will study Advent – with an eye towards the cross. William White and Michael Caldwell will be teaching.

As always, our children are enjoying the excellent Show Me Jesus curriculum published by Great Commission Publications. And the youth are studying the book of John in the So What? curriculum also published by GCP.

Come one! Come all! Sunday @ 9:15. There will be no ice cream or peanuts …maybe some coffee and conversation …definitely some solid teaching!