Pastor Paul Checking In August 12, 2020

Dear HLPC family,

Worship and ministry at our church remain a work in progress.  We are all doing the best that we can under unique circumstances that we pray soon change and never return.  We want to balance being appropriately careful with also making the most of worship and fellowship on the Lord’s Day.  Here are some things we want to do starting this week:

  • While still asking you to let us know you are coming, we will discontinue assigning seats in the sanctuary.  It will be more of a “first come, first served” time.  We will continue to designate “mask required” and “mask optional” sections and ushers will still assist to help maximize the space given social distancing efforts.  We will still use the Fellowship Hall for overflow and latecomers.  Children are welcome to both sanctuary and fellowship hall.  Let’s remember that the first century church didn’t have nurseries.  We want to return to providing a nursery as conditions improve.
  • We will be more deliberate and patient during the Lord’s Supper.  When we first started enjoying the Lord’s Supper outdoors, we were trying to keep the service fairly brief as we were sensitive to the heat.  Now that we are indoors, we want to make the Lord’s Supper more meaningful for us all giving you more time to reflect on what Jesus has accomplished for us.  I plan to lead us from the communion table while we will still use the individually wrapped communion elements.

This is a season of stress and challenge.  Churches are experiencing tensions within as they seek to be appropriately careful but not excessively restrictive.  We are trying to strike that balance.  We’re not doing it all perfectly and aren’t beyond criticism. That said, we are trying to do the best we can.  Please pray for HLPC and for one another.  God loves His Church.  He sent His Son to die for her.  May we love the church, too.

Your Pastor,