Pastor Paul Checking In August 19, 2020

Dear HLPC family,

Yesterday I started teaching my class to seminary students in Medellin, Colombia.  There are about 40 students in this class. Things went pretty well, I think.  Teaching through zoom is hard and the added language barrier makes it even harder.  I am grateful for a very gracious interpreter named Ronal who is a church planter in Medellin.  He once lived in the United States for four years so he speaks excellent English.  Please continue to pray for this class and for the students.

In the past I was able to provide books for the students to read as part of this course.  HLPC has been a great help to “adopt a student” and provide these books as gifts.  These books are always enthusiastically and gratefully received.  I’d like to do the same this time.  I’ll have more info on what that that might look like per student and we could have books shipped to Colombia.

Tonight we will return to Facebook Live!  Please join in at 7PM as we start a study entitled “Consider Jesus.”   I plan to use the same materials I’ve used in teaching Christology to the students in Colombia.  We’ll spend some time in study and then I’ll lead us in prayer.  I hope you’ll join in!

May God give you grace to rest in His Son and find much encouragement and peace.

Your Pastor,