Pastor Paul’s Daily Check-in May 27, 2020

Dear HLPC family,

This Sunday please keep in mind our change in worship time so as to minimize any discomfort from the heat.  We are planning to begin worship at 9:30AM.  As you have been doing, please bring your own chairs.  This Sunday we are planning to install new Ruling Elders here at HLPC. This service was to take place in March but we were providentially hindered due to COVID-19.

Some sad news to report to you is that Ed Rosner will be unable to serve as an new Elder alongside Neil Barker and Kevin Epperson.  He and Pam have plans to move within the next year to year and half to be closer to family.  I am sad that Ed won’t be serving but appreciate his integrity in seeing too many demands on his time in the days ahead that might hinder his effectiveness.  Thankfully, their move is not in the immediate future, but they will be missed!

Sunday, June 7th, is the first Lord’s Day we anticipate in-person worship inside our sanctuary. We are still formulating plans as to what that will look like in order to take proper precautions.  This time next week, you’ll be seeing much more information and I’ll be happy to do another orientation video.  Please be praying for our leaders who are thinking through these issues.  Let’s acknowledge outright that there’s no way to please everyone.  To some, we’ll probably be too cautious and to others we’ll come across as to cavalier.  We have no prior experiences to fall back on since I don’t think we have any members who have a conscious memory of the Spanish Flu of 1918!  Let’s pray for wisdom and for great unity among the body here at HLPC in the days ahead!

Hope to see many of you tonight online for a look into Psalm 16 on Facebook Live at 7PM!

Your Pastor,