Pray for the Honduras Team!

The Honduras Team has been preparing for the week ahead, July 20-27, for many months. We were just discussing this morning during our weekly church staff meeting about the fundraising efforts that go back to last October with the Pumpkin Patch and the Christmas shopping childcare. This trip has been planned for some time! In addition we can count the yard sale, the cookbook, and the support letters as pieces of the support puzzle. More than that there has been much prayer and preparation.

It all begins for them this Saturday. The team of 14 representing HLPC will be leaving in the wee morning hours to begin their journey. If you want to see them off, just be at the church Saturday at 4:30AM!

This Pastor’s Pen is a call to pray for the team. Please pray for their safety in travel. Once they land in San Pedro Sula, they’ll have a long ride to the city of La Ceiba. During the week pray for their health and stamina. Pray as well for their hearts that during the heat and long hours their focus will be on serving the people of Honduras as well as each other. Pray that the team loves each other well and in that way models the reality of the gospel to the people they will serve.

Last but certainly not least pray for the people to whom they will minister. Pray that their week will support the ministry of the team that is there that includes Mike and Erin Pettingill, missionaries of HLPC. Pray that many are pointed to Jesus Christ and that God opens their hearts to repent and to believe the gospel.

We look forward to hearing what God does during this week! The team is scheduled to arrive back in Atlanta at 12:40AM on Sunday, July 28th. We have planned an ice cream social for Sunday evening, August 11th, to hear their stories and see their pictures and videos.

Pray for the Honduras Team!