Pray for the PCA General Assembly

Dear HLPC family,

Next week, June 21-24, the Presbyterian Church in America (PCA) General Assembly will meet in Birmingham, Alabama.  The General Assembly is our annual denominational gathering.  As a refresher, as Presbyterians we understand our church government to function at three levels, or courts, as we call them. These courts are 1) the local church level with Elders who collectively are called the Session; 2) the Presbytery which is the regional church comprised of Elders and churches in a geographical area (in our case, Central Georgia Presbytery); and 3) the church as a whole, which is the General Assembly.

The General Assembly functions much like a giant meeting of congress as the elected Moderator will lead the proceedings using Robert’s Rules of Order.  Last year’s Moderator happened to have been my uncle, Roy Taylor, who will preach the opening worship service this year. Using Robert’s Rules of Order serves to make us a deliberative body such that motions are made and seconded, and these motions are then debated—sometimes vigorously.  At the Assembly, reports are heard from the ministries and agencies of the PCA like RUF, Mission to the World, Mission to North America, Covenant College, Covenant Theological Seminary, and others.  Presbyteries and churches will petition or overture the Assembly to take certain actions or to change aspects of the Book of Church Order which is part of our church constitution.   Also, the Assembly will hear from or establish study committees on various questions and issues to offer wisdom to the PCA at large.

This year Ruling Elders Michael Collins and Kevin Epperson will join me in Birmingham as delegates.  I go as a Teaching Elder, which is how Pastors are designated. I will serve as one of the recording clerks again this year which means I will help take the minutes of the meeting.  It certainly helps me pay attention to what is going on!

Please be praying for this year’s General Assembly.  Pray for God’s peace to rule and reign and that His name is brought glory through the debates and decisions that take place.  Let’s pray that the PCA is marked by both truth and grace.  Let’s pray for the doctrinal soundness, effective ministry, and health of the PCA, the expression of Christ’s church to which we belong.

Your Pastor,