Pray for the PCA General Assembly

            Today at 1:30PM CST, the PCA General Assembly will be called to order in Dallas, Texas.  Connie and I are here for this gathering.  It is scheduled to last until noon on Friday and we are to return Friday evening, Lord willing.  In addition to being a delegate, I now serve as one of the recording clerks for this meeting and help take the minutes.  I actually enjoy the literal front row seat I get for this meeting of the church.

            The General Assembly is what we call the highest “court” of the PCA. The other two courts are the local Elders, or Session as it is called, and the Presbytery.  The General Assembly meets once a year in June.  It is hosted in a different city each time.  Here reports of the various ministries of the PCA such as Covenant College, Mission to the World, Mission to North America, Reformed University Fellowship, and others are presented.  The proposals of each agency come before the Assembly and seek its approval.

            In addition, various overtures to the Assembly are presented, debated, and voted upon.  Sometimes these overtures call upon the PCA to change its by-laws found in the Book of Church Order or to respond in an appropriate way to events and circumstances that arise in our denomination.  It is often these overtures that generate the most, shall we say, vigorous debate.  This year, the debates look to be especially vigorous.

            The General Assembly operates the meeting according to Robert’s Rules of Order.  This requires the making of motions, seconds to those motions, and other similar nomenclature.  With over 1,000 delegates, it is a very large meeting with these strict rules to promote fairness and order. Each year, a moderator is elected for the meeting.  This is a big honor for those who are elected and is a big responsibility that goes along with it.

            Please be praying for the General Assembly this week. As I said, it has the potential to be contentious.  Pray that the peace of Christ rules and reigns and that the Church makes wise decisions.  Pray that what emerges at the end of the week is a stronger, healthier, more vibrant Church that is able to stand firm for the gospel and the truth of Scripture.