Praying for our Nation

            This Thursday, May 2nd  is designated as the National Day of Prayer.  We have already planned to meet for prayer TONIGHT, May 1st, at 6:3oPM here at HLPC.  We will give special attention to praying for our country, among other things, during that time.  I hope you’ll try to join us as we, in effect, get an early start on the National Day of Prayer!

            We have multiple examples from Scripture of God’s people crying out together in prayer.  The church in Acts 2 met regularly for prayer.  It was in the context of a prayer meeting that God poured out His Holy Spirit. Yes, personal, private prayer is very important but so is corporate prayer.  Prayer is acknowledging our dependence on the Lord and looking to Him and asking Him to keep His promises to us in Scripture.

            We’ll begin our time with a very brief time in Scripture.  Then we will pray for our nation, our church, our community, and for our personal needs.  No one is forced or expected to pray out loud if they don’t want to.  Please join us tonight in the HLPC fellowship hall at 6:30PM.  I look forward to seeing you then.