Recommended Prayer Resources

One thing I enjoy using the Pastor’s Pen for is to pass on recommended resources. I have enjoyed reading and studying Tim Keller’s Prayer: Experiencing Awe and Intimacy with God in preparation for the Wednesday night study. It’s been very helpful to me on a personal level. What I particularly like about Keller’s book is its blend of the theology of prayer along with some very practical helps on prayer. Keller’s book lives up to its subtitle as it indeed encourages us to draw near to God through prayer.   You can find a copy by following the link HERE.


Just this past week another book came out that dovetails well with some of the encouragement Keller gives. This book is entitled Praying the Bible written by Donald Whitney. I’ve just started this book but I’ve already found it helpful and practical as well. Whitney writes to encourage us to revive our prayers using the Scriptures. You can purchase a copy HERE. A wonderful added resource to this book is the free five day video tutorial of sorts provided through the publisher, Crossway. Once you sign up, you are sent a link to a brief video for five consecutive days that highlights the principles in Whitney’s book. You can sign up HERE.


One last thing to commend. Keller says, “Immersing ourselves in the Psalms and turning them into prayers teaches our hearts the ‘grammar’ of prayer and gives us the most formative instruction in how to pray in accord with God’s character and will.” With that encouragement in mind, Westminster Book store is offering nice copies of the Psalms that are perfect for use as a “prayer manual” and the price is only $10 right now. Connie and I already have ours. I look forward to using it daily as I try to pray through the Psalms myself. You can get your own by going HERE.


I hope you find these things of use. May God make HLPC a praying church and thus a healthy, vibrant, and kingdom growing body of believers.