Something New: Worship Training for HLPC Kids

HLPC would like to begin something new to help further our stated desire that all in our ministry “may know Christ in all His fulness.”  That something new is worship training for kids ages 4-7.  What are the particulars?  Here they are:

What is it?  Worship training is designed to help kids ages four through seven be better equipped for worshipping the God who made them and redeemed them by His grace.

When will this take place?  We will dismiss kids from the worship service each week during our “Hymn of Celebration” for this time of training.  Parents can then pick their kids up after the service ends.

What will they study? They will be taken through a curriculum called “Teach me to worship.”  You can check it out by going to  There you’ll get a great overview of the topics and studies to be covered.  In sum, the kids will go month by month into elements of our worship like the preaching of the Word, giving, the Lord’s Prayer, the Lord’s Supper, etc. 

Why do this? We think this will help our kids understand the why behind the what of worship.  We believe this will help them grow as disciples of the Lord Jesus!

When will it start?  We want to recruit and train volunteers in March and consider starting this in May 2020.

I hope you’ll consider serving in this new area of ministry for HLPC!  The curriculum will help leaders be well prepared for each week.