Supplement Your Daily Devotions

Dear HLPC family,
There is a wonderful abundance of daily devotional books.  They are a great supplement to your own daily Bible reading.  Connie enjoys reading Alistair Begg’s Truth for Life daily devotionals while I have benefited daily from Richard Sibbes’ Refreshment for the Soul, published by Banner of Truth; Take Heart by David Powlison published by New Growth Press; and Jewels from John Newton, published by Banner of Truth.  (Three is probably too many but I have a hard time narrowing my choices!)
A recent reading from Jewels from John Newton is just too good not to share for this week’s “Pastor’s Pen.”  In commenting on I Peter 5:7, “casting all your anxieties on him, for he cares for you” Newton says:
“In the mean while, the best method of adorning our profession, and of enjoying peace in our souls, is simply to trust him; and absolutely commit ourselves and our all to his management.  By casting our burdens upon him, our spirits become light and cheerful; we are freed from a thousand anxieties and inquietudes, which are wearisome to our minds, and which, with respect to events, are needless for us, yea, useless. But though it may be easy to speak of this trust, and it appears our judgment perfectly right and reasonable, the actual attainment is a great thing; and especially so to trust the Lord by fits and starts… but to abide by our surrender, and go habitually trusting, through all the changes we meet, knowing that his love, purpose, and promise are unchangeable.”
Your Pastor,