Thank You!


Paul Bankson

Some thanks are in order:

  • Thank you to our HLPC Choir for the marvelous music this past Sunday night that helped fix our attention on the incarnation of our Lord Jesus!  Thank you for the hours of work and practice you put in- it showed.
  • Thank you to not only those who sang but thank you as well to our musicians and accompanists who shared their gifts and talents.
  • Thank you to those of you who brought food to share at our marvelous and tasty reception that followed.
  • Thank you to those who decorated and served for the evening, adding to our celebration.
  • Thank you to those who stayed behind to help with cleanup!  Thank you for serving us all that way.

If you missed this great evening, I hope you’ll make every effort to attend next year.  It truly is a great evening for our church family and one you shouldn’t miss.  Your presence communicates love for one another, and it doesn’t go unappreciated, I assure you.

Looking forward to finishing the Advent season with you that will culminate in our Christmas Eve Candlelight Communion at 5PM!  Please come and bring friends and family.  This service is always under an hour in length so you’ll have time to get to other gatherings you may have planned.