Thank You!

Dear HLPC family,

Once again you have encouraged Connie and me tremendously by remembering Pastor Appreciation Month.  The words “thank you” don’t seem to be enough to express how we felt about this past Sunday.  We are very grateful for the blessing of this congregation and of the privilege of serving alongside of you these past 17+ years.

As I mentioned this past Sunday, I have been made aware over the years of difficult times and places of ministry.  By God’s grace, HLPC has been spared the pain and sadness some churches have endured. That’s not to say HLPC is the perfect church- those churches don’t exist this side of heaven.  But let us all recognize God’s goodness to us in what is a relatively short history.  The church is the people of God and God has sent godly and precious people our way.  Some, in God’s providence, have moved to other places, but He continues to bless us with rich relationships.

Let me close this short note by once again expressing my sincere thanks to God for you and for your expressions of love and encouragement.  My family and I are very thankful for you all.

Thankful to be able to close this Pastor’s Pen as your Pastor,