The Issue of Our Time

If you haven’t heard the message, “A Heavier Cross,” preached this past Sunday by Rev. Clif Wilcox to close HLPC Mission Week, you need to watch the video or download the mp3 file by clicking HERE. It was a sobering, timely, and challenging message we all need to hear.

Clif challenged us from the Scriptures to consider the cross we are called to bear for the sake of Christ. The issue of our time that calls us to affirm God’s Word and what it teaches about sexuality and marriage is the issue of same sex marriage. That issue was argued today before the United States Supreme Court. We need to be much in prayer for the justices who will be deciding this issue.

Kevin DeYoung has written a very helpful article to help us understand and articulate what we want to affirm regarding the Bible’s definition of marriage. I urge you all to please read this article, “Why Not Gay Marriage?” You can find it HERE. I would also encourage you to order Kevin’s book entitled What Does the Bible Really Teach About Homosexuality? The elders of HLPC all have a copy they are being encouraged to read. You can order your own copy through Amazon or by ordering through Westminster Books by going HERE.

We need to be prayerfully equipped to think and to engage on this the issue of our time. It’s how we can best be salt and light. It’s how we can help our children think through these issues and how we can give a reason for the convictions we hold. My God make us a people who boldly hold out the gracious gospel while affirming all that the Scriptures say to us about life and faith.