The Neglected Psalm: 119

Dear HLPC family,

John Calvin described the book of Psalms as “an anatomy of all the parts of the soul.”  This was his way of saying that the Psalms capture all the emotions of life—praise, joy, sadness, distress, grief—as well as others.   The Psalms give us language and help in pouring out our needs to the Lord in every season of life.

I’ve mentioned before that I try to read 5 Psalms a day and in that way try to get through the whole book of Psalms in a month. I start with the Psalm corresponding to the calendar date and keep adding 30.  With 30 days in the average month and 150 Psalms, even an Auburn graduate can do the math and figure out how that works!

As I shared with the Session last week in a devotional before our meeting, it occurred to me that when the day would come to read Psalm 119 I would skip over it.  Why?  It’s the longest Psalm and chapter in the Bible!  I would think “I’ll come back to that one later.”  But later rarely came. In this way, I was neglecting a great Psalm on the place and value of God’s Word!

At our next First Sunday evening worship on March 3rd, I want to take up this Psalm with you.  Don’t worry—we won’t plan to consider all 176 verses or even read them all out loud—but I do want to look with you at, what I believe is, a neglected Psalm.  I hope to take a few Sunday evenings with this.

In addition, at our next month evening worship our youth will help lead us!  I’m really looking forward to that and hope you’ll make an effort to be there to encourage them.

Your Pastor,