The Privilege of Prayer

Dear HLPC family,

One of the books I enjoy for devotional reading is Jewels from John Newton.  John Newton, as you know, was the author of the hymn “Amazing Grace,” as well as many other hymns.  I’ve enjoyed reading this book and have found it lives up to its title.

I read from this book this week and found some insights I just have to share.  Newton writes about the privilege of prayer:

“The men of the world would account it a high honor and privilege to have an unrestrained liberty of access to an earthly king; but what words can express the privilege and honor of believers, who whenever they please, have audience of the King of kings, whose compassion, mercy, and power are, like his majesty, infinite?  The world wonders at their indifference to the vain pursuits and amusements by which others are engrossed… They have obtained the pearl of great price; they have communion with God; they derive their wisdom, strength, and comfort from on high; and cast all their cares upon him, who, they assuredly know, vouchsafes to take care of them.”

May God impress upon us all the great privilege and comfort that is indeed ours to come before Him with confidence in the merits and name of His Son, Jesus Christ!

Your Pastor,